Valentine’s Day Box

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for adults and kids alike. For elementary school kids it is fun to have a Valentine’s Day box to receive Valentine’s Day cards and candy in their classroom. These boxes are usually homemade and decorated with pink, red, and hearts. Here is our idea for a fantastic Valentine’s Day box that your kids will love.

Valentine's Day Box

For this fun project you will need:

  • A box of any shape, size or texture (we used some plastic cookie box)
  • Piece of fabric with Valentine’s print on it
  • Colored hearts of different sizes
  • Ribbons
  • Glitter
  • Anything else you would like to pretty the box up with

To make the Valentine’s Day box, first take the top of the box and cut a decent sized opening in the middle of the top. Make sure it is big enough to fit a card with a medium sized lollipop or a small candy box attached to it. (Cut with an exacto knife or scissors whatever is easier for you).

Then take your fabric and measure out how much is needed to entirely cover every side of your box. Put glue over the sides of the box and the bottom. Then cut the fabric and wrap it around the box’s sides. There should be some fabric left off the sides to be folded neatly on the bottom, like wrapping a gift.

Valentine's Day Box

Now you want to make the top of your Valentine’s Day box. To do it, cut fabric to exact measurement (we used different kind of fabric), put glue over the top and put the fabric on. For the opening cut fabric with the exato knife or scissors, then fold neatly through the hole and glue it to the top of the inside. If it is too long feel free to cut the fabric down to make it easier to use. If you want, use ribbons to cover the sides of the top to add a nice effect.

Valentine's Day Box
Now it is time to let your imagination run free. Put decorations all over your box. We used hearts of different sizes and colors, teddy bears, silver zigzag ribbon and glitter. If you wish you may cut hearts from paper, add some glitter and use those for decorations. Do not forget to add name-tag to let people know to whom this wonderful Valentine’s Day box belong to!

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