Meringue Torte Recipe

To assemble the Meringue torte, take one layer of meringue, spread half of cream over it, put another layer of meringue, and spread second half of cream over. On the top goes third layer of meringue. Useful tip: if meringue layers are not flat, feel free to press them gently to lay flat. Do not worry if they break.

After that, beat one quart of heavy whipping cream with one to two spoons of powdered sugar and spread all over the Meringue torte, top and sides, and decorate it accordingly to the occasion.

If you wish, you can substitute walnuts with hazelnuts (preferably roasted) or almonds.

This recipe is for big torte, if you want to make smaller version simply make only one layer of meringue, let it stand until it is cool down, cut in half lengthwise.

Meringue Torte Recipe - How to A to Z

Prepare one third of measurements for filing. Put filing over half of meringue layer, cover with another half.

Meringue Torte Recipe - How to A to Z

Decorate cake accordingly to occasion.

Meringue Torte Recipe - How to A to Z

Have fun!

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