How to Prevent Motion Sickness

How to Prevent Motion Sickness - How to A to ZFor many people, life would be more enjoyable if they know how to prevent motion sickness for them or their children. Long weekends, holidays, and vacations are supposed to bring you joy, relaxation, happiness, not to make you feel miserable because you have to spend few hours in the car or other transportation just to be able to reach your destination.

Good news for those people! There are a few tricks that teaches how to prevent motion sickness other than to take a Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) pills or patch.

  • Never start the trip with an empty stomach, but on the other hand, do not overeat either.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Always try to look as far away as possible, not to close objects that are passing by so fast.
  • Some people find it useful to take one table spoon of ginger powder with a glass of water. Ginger is known for his soothing effect to the stomach. Be careful when taking ginger powder do not talk, it is easy to choke on it, and always have glass of water handy. Or, if you prefer, ginger can be dissolved in water.
  • Always have some small, dry salty snacks like pretzels, cheerios, and crackers.
  • Avoid drinking milk right before trip.


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