How to Make Perfect Meringue

How to Make Perfect Meringue - How to A to ZMeringue is egg whites and sugar foam which is used in lots of recipes. There are a few tricks to make perfect meringue. First of all, eggs have to be fresh and AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!

Add a pinch of salt to egg whites before you start beating it with mixer. If using hand mixer, keep motion going in the same direction.

Add sugar gradually.

Meringue could be colored with food coloring, but it is better to stay away from liquid food colors.

If meringue is going to be baked, add few drops of white vinegar per egg white.  Preheat oven to very high temperature (425 – 450 F) and immediately after putting meringue to the oven, turn temperature down to 225 – 250 F and let it dry for at least one hour, if recipe does not say different.

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