How to Color Flowers

Most holidays have their leading colors that represent them, to get into a spirit you may want to know how to color flowers to match that exact color. For example St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday celebrated on March 17th in the United States and some parts of Ireland. This holiday is represented by green color. Since it is not easy to find natural green flowers, you can try this trick.

How to Dye White Flowers - How to A to ZTo apply this trick “how to color flowers” first buy some white flowers, like carnations, roses, or some other kind. Buy it a day ahead. Pour some lukewarm water in a vase, put into it a few drops of food coloring until it has deep, rich color. Then cut the stems at an angle and put it into the vase.

Leave it overnight and the flowers will soak up food coloring and dye the petals green. You will have unusually colored  flowers for your centerpiece.

For other occasions you can use different shades and colors of food coloring and play with it to make unusual bouquet arrangements. It is easy, simple way to be original, you just learned how to color flowers. Halloween is represented by purple and orange, Easter by pale yellow, pale lilac, and pale green. Independence Day is red, white and blue. Valentine’s Day is red and pink, but it is easy to find as an natural color.

At some point you can just decide to make centerpiece of some beautiful flowers in unique colors to match the theme color for your party decoration. This is a good trick of how to do it. Have fun!

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