Homemade Mask For Dry Hands

Homemade mask for dry hands can be helpful to people whose hands are uncomfortably dry. You want to feel good in your own skin, but you have that feeling that skin on your hands is “one size small”. Not even nourishing hand cream is helping. It only solves problem temporary,  after a while the skin on your hands is tight again. Maybe this recipe for hand mask is right thing for you to try.  Once again, it is made right in your kitchen without any additives and preservatives, from the ingredients that are usually stock in your kitchen cabinets. At the same time you can save some time and money because you do not need to go to an expensive spa salon for the similar result.

Hand mask - How to A to Z

First you clean your hands with mild soap and warm water. After that prepare piling made from: 1/4  cup of brown sugar and 2 teaspoon of cranberry juice. Rub that piling onto your hands for a few minutes. Feel free to apply some pressure like massaging hands, it is going to improve your peripheral circulation,  then wash with lukewarm water. No soap this time!

Hand Mask - How to A to Z

Second step is to  prepare this homemade mask for dry hands: take one egg yolk, squeeze some lemon juice and mix it with mixer adding some olive oil. (I usually use only one beater for the mixer and mix it in a coffee mug).  Beat it until you get smooth cream like mayonnaise. Put it onto your hands in a thick layer and let stand for at list 15 minutes. Longer you keep it, better result you get.

Hand mask - How to A to Z

When your devoted time is up, wash your hands first with warm water and then finish with cold water. Absorb water with  towel, then rub some nourishing hand cream and enjoy soft, smooth, moisturized hands. This  homemade mask for dry hands should relieve that unpleasant filing of tight, soar skin. Your hands will be grateful, your own skin will” fit” again, and you will be happy because you can spend time with your family while at the same time pampering  yourself. Time is precious and should be spent with the people who matter the most.

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