Home remedy for minor burns

Home remedy for minor burns could be used just for minor burns; anything more serious must get medical attention.

Most minor burns happen in the kitchen. Not that we are clumsy, but nature of kitchen job is like that. Wen surrounded by hot stuff it is more likely to get a minor burns. Either you touch something, or splatter of hot water, or oil can cause a sharp pain.

First thing to do is to put the affected area under water. Either under running water, or submerged in a bowl. This will calm the pain, because it will stop heat from making more damage on your skin. The burned area should be under the water for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Home Remedy For Minor Burns - How to A to Z

After that, gently dry the affected area, and since you are already in the kitchen, use a home remedy for minor burns from your kitchen. Grab some cooking oil (olive oil is probably the best, but do not bother to search for it, because any cooking oil will do the job), sprinkle it generously over the affected area and spread sugar over it in a thick layer.

Home Remedy For Minor Burns - How to A to Z

The throbbing pain should go away in approximately 5 minutes or less. Keep it for couple of hours, wash out, but if injured area is still too sensitive, apply another layer of this home remedy for minor burns. Later you can cover with Kleenex to prevent the sugar from falling off all over your house.

If burn is more serious, if you have big blister, or skin is broken, just put it under cold water and seek medical help.

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