Gift Wrapping Ideas

Any time of the year is as good as Christmas time for interesting gift wrapping ideas. This one is about recycling store bags and boxes. You can enjoy some craft time, maybe share it with kids, and make a unique personalized wrap for your gift. Once created, the wrap becomes a part of the present itself.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z

For the beginning: save store bags and gift boxes, or ask for some at the time of gift buying! They come in different sizes and colors. The smaller the printed logo they have – the better.  Do not worry if you do not like the color, it is easily changed with a spray paint.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z

This gift wrapping idea also requires pictures from old magazines, flyers, catalogs… You can cut them in straight lines or follow the lines of the object itself, depending on the design you imagined.

If you want to change the color of a bag or a box, we suggest you to do it at least one day ahead, to allow the paint to dry completely. For bags, use spray paint. For gift boxes you can use either spray paint or leftovers of wall paint. If boxes have contrasting colors, you can use primer, to even the finishing paint. Apply color using a roller, the same way you would paint your wall. Let it dry thoroughly.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z

Arrange chosen pictures the way you want them to be. Keep in mind the person you are making it for. Think what that person would like to see, what would make them smile. That’s what makes this gift wrapping special.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z
This is a bag for a teenager who likes cars and guitars.
Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z
This one was for a friend who just turned fifty!

There are endless possibilities for creating these unique gift wraps. Going from just simple gluing the whole magazine page to the side of a bag or a box, to adding layers to the base picture like smaller cat outs, laces, ribbons, glitter, and markers to add lines or write a massage…

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z
This is transformation of an ordinary Macy’s gift box into an unique Christmas gift box.

At the end you can spray all over the box or just over a part of it. To pack the gift use colorful tissue papers, so that they also become a part of the gift wrapping creation. Have fun!

Those are just some of gift wrapping ideas, it does not stop here! Make your own art.

Same process of gift wrapping can be used to dress up old whiskey box or some other similar box and reuse it for packing wine bottle for your host.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - How to A to Z

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