Easy Halloween Decoration

You may want to look at this easy Halloween decoration idea. Halloween is right around the corner and if you do not have a lot of time, you may appreciate some simple craft.

You just need an empty glass jar and some Halloween gel stickers, or regular Halloween stickers. A lid for the jar is optional.

Step 1: Find an interesting glass jar, wash it thoroughly and dry completely. Prepare some Halloween stickers, reuse window gel, or cling stickers.

Halloween Easy Decoration - How to A to Z

Step 2: Optional! Glue black (or any other color of your choice) sticky tape on the top of the jar. Highly recommended in the case that you are not going to put lid on the top.

Halloween Easy Decoration - How to A to Z

Step 3: Attach the stickers of your choice.

Halloween Easy Decoration - How to A to Z

If you put a tea light inside, it becomes lantern, or candle holder at your Halloween table. Using battery operated tea lights lets you close the lid on the top of the jar and place it outside.

This project is an easy Halloween decoration idea and fun to make with kids, and it’s safe too.

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