Aromatic Vinegar

Aromatic vinegar is basically vinegar with spices added. You can buy it a supermarket, or you can make your own which is the only way  you can be sure that it does not contain unhealthy ingredients. This is for people who appreciate homemade goods.

For this recipe you are going to need:

1 liter of white wine vinegar

1 celery root

2 garlic cloves

8 pieces of cloves

A bunch of mint leaves

1 teaspoon of whole black paper

In order to prepare aromatic vinegar you have to divide the amount of vinegar in two glass containers of 500 ml capacity. Then wash and peel celery root, cut in half, and put one piece in each container. After that, add one peeled garlic clove, 4 pieces of cloves, a few mint leaves, and ½ teaspoon of whole black paper to each container.

Aromatic Vinegar - How to A to Z

Close containers tightly and let them stand on a cold, dry place for 20 days. Finally, strain aromatic vinegar, pack in nice containers and use for salad dressing. If you like it, you can pass out some containers as a nice homemade Christmas gift, and hopefully, you will make more of them. You can recycle old bottles. Wash the bottle with soap and hot water, take off old sticker. I found out that the easiest way to do it is with hot water and glass cook top cleaner or some other abrasive cleaner. After that, let bottle dry completely, you do not want to dilute your aromatic vinegar. But, before you start cleaning the bottle, check bottle cap first, if it has very strong smell, you better find another bottle, it is going to be hard to get rid of it, and you do not want to spoil aroma of your product.

To make it look interesting and unique, use all craft supply at your disposal, and of course, your imagination. Have fun playing with that.

Aromatic Vinegar - How to A to Z

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